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“Marcia was a welcome addition to the organisation. A credible People (HR) professional, she bought a wealth of expertise, insight and structure into the team when we needed it most. Not to mention her warmth, empathy and listening ear which was valued by the team and business alike. She will be an asset to any organisation she joins next.”

“Marcia is an asset to any organisation. She always demonstrates commitment, drive and passion in every project she leads or participates in. Her honesty and good humour ensures she is a confident leader; demonstrated by her experience of leading many complex and sensitive HR projects to a successful outcome. She is simply a pleasure to work with.”

“Marcia is a delight to work with. As well as being a great HR professional, she understands the business needs and drivers, which means that her plans and approaches contribute to tangible business results. She’s hands-on too, and is always ready to lead by example when required.”

“Marcia is the consummate HR professional! She joined CybSafe in the Autumn of 2018 in the midst of a rapid upscaling as a result of a successful funding round. Her mandate was to quickly establish a People & Culture (HR) capability for the business that fitted well with a tech startup but also with one eye on future growth in the medium term. She quickly gained the trust of the business from leadership team to interns. Her multi-dimensional culture assessment of the business proved invaluable in refining the values and prioritizing the benefits and perks on a limited budget.

While assessing and enhancing the culture, Marcia quickly reviewed our existing HR-related terms, policies and procedures. She collated them into a complaint, easy to read/use Tribe Guide (Employee Handbook) that has become a showcase for how we live and manage people and culture in an exciting business that is constantly changing.

While codifying the culture and ensuring our policies and procedures were in order; understanding the mood of the business has probably been one of the most critical ingredients to our success. Marcia is a terrific listener and dispenser of guidance and advice. She does this as effectively for the founders as she does for newly joined juniors. Of course there are also the inevitable uncomfortable engagements with staff that emerge from time to time. Marcia’s understanding of employment law and conflict resolution has been indispensable during these times.

Sadly, we always knew that Marcia’s time with us would draw to a close as we sought a full time capability and as the demand for her services elsewhere grew. She ably led the search for a successor and reduced her time which has given us the luxury of bedding in a new person while Marcia kept a hand on the people & culture tiller.

She is amazing and I would recommend her without caveat!”


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