Do your HR policies and procedures comply with current legislation? Do you need help with a new employee handbook that’s not only informative, but also fits your business culture?

Do you have the right employee contracts, handbooks, documents and systems in place to comply with your HR responsibilities?

Employing people can be a complicated and time-consuming part of any business, but one which is crucial for all businesses to get right not only legally but also to help your employer brand and engagement.

So, whether you’re looking to hire your first employee or just want a fresh perspective on your current HR situation – Marchfield Human Capital Solutions will help you get on the right track, and stay there.

Our approach isn’t to tell you “what the law says you should do it” but instead give you a range of options with the risks and benefits of each to allow you to make an informed decision which is right for your business. Practical rather than prescribed advice is always a must for businesses and their leaders.

If you’d like to know more, or have a question about your current HR situation, please contact us – we’re always happy to help.


Marchfield Human Capital Solutions will support you to ensure your team can be the assets you need to accelerate business success.

Hiring employees can be the most important decision a business makes – and also one of the riskiest. We’ll not only help you meet your legal obligations, but turn your people into an asset that drives your business forward.

From planning for growth, to recruiting and retaining the best employees, through to making tough choices when circumstances change, we’re there for you every step of the way. Here are a few of the ways we help our clients get the most from their people – and their business:

People Planning

How you recruit your team, the onboarding / induction process they go through and the employment contracts you give them is crucial to the growth and success of your company. Understanding the varying options can be confusing and getting it wrong can be costly both financially and in terms of time and frustration. Marchfield Human Capital Solutions is here to guide you through the constant changes in employment law and common misconceptions – for example, did you know that you now can’t take on an unpaid intern? If they are going to perform any work for you, then they must at least be paid the National Minimum Wage.


For whatever reason whether it be you are looking to reduce our headcount or make changes to your organisational structure; you may be looking to make some of your team redundant. Announcing redundancies can be a difficult emotional process that needs care and consideration. Before any plans are set in place, Marchfield Human Capital Solutions will work with you to ensure firstly cutting back staff does not impedes future growth and whether there are alternative routes which can be explored becore taking this action. If this is the decided route, the process followed is legally compliant, timely, treats your teams with the respect they deseve and is conducted in a professional manner to conclusion.


TUPE refers to the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations which apply when one business takes over the work of another. For example, when you’re thinking of acquiring another company or bringing contractors in-house. If you’re going to be taking on responsibility for another company’s employees, Marchfield Human Capital Solutions can help you understand and meet your obligations under this complex piece of legislation. We can help you plan, manage and efficiently carry out the whole process.

So even if you’re just considering taking over another business – get in touch and we’ll help you work out the HR issues you need to tackle.



It is unfortunately one of the difficult areas of employing people but the reality is sometimes, things can go wrong. When this does happen, it’s so important to take quick, decisive and accurate action to resolve the matter.

Disciplinary & Grievance

From employees who break the rules to disagreements; disciplinaries and grievances need to be handled correctly from the moment they’re raised to the day they’re resolved. If they’re not, you may find yourself facing an expensive tribunal claim, which is not only financially costly but also time-consuming.

Whatever the circumstances, Marchfield Human Capital Solutions can support you by:

  • Advising and actively supportimg investigations

  • Providing guidance during hearings

  • Acting as note taker during investigations and hearings

  • Facilitating mediation and dispute resolution

  • Preparing all the documentation to ensure you follow approved guidelines

  • Supporting managers to build their confidence and keep your company on the right side of the law

Having our support during any disciplinary or grievance process helps make sure you take account of all relevant factors and avoid the mistakes which can result in an Employment Tribunal claim. And most importantly of all, it means you keep disruption to day-to-day business to a minimum.

HR Compliance

From not addressing banter that goes on to spark a discrimination claim to not knowing when a passing complaint should be treated as a formal grievance, Marchfield Human Capital Solutions will support your teams to understand their HR obligations and help them understand what’s expected of them on a day-to-day basis.

Absence Management

Absenteeism is one of the highest costs to UK companies. If you don’t manage absence tightly you risk not only higher staff costs and greater disruption, but also the potential of disgruntled staff having to continually cover for their absent team members. What’s more, the longer someone is absent, the harder it becomes for them to return to work – and to full health.

That means robust and fair absence management procedures are crucial to both a successful business and happy and healthy workforce.

We can support you act early to stop an employee’s absence turning into long-term sick-leave. And, by introducing a robust sickness policy, a solid return-to-work policy, making use of Occupational Health support, and by keeping absent employees informed and involved, will help you ease people back into their working routine more quickly with minimal disruption to your business.


HR for managers can be really daunting. At Marchfield Human Capital Solutions, we will help them to gain confidence in not only managing their teas but also head off any HR headaches.

Managers can have one of the biggest impacts on the effectiveness and productivity of your teams. More often tha not, they are often the first people to become aware of any HR related problems which can be costly and disruptive if they get something wrong. Marchfield Human Capital Solutions can help your teams to have the knowledge and the confidence to deal with most situations before they get out of hand.

Here are some of the areas we can help to increase knowledge, confidence and effectiveness of your managers:

Performance Management

Most managers recognise that the performance of their employees is of critical importance to the business. However, they often don’t know how to direct and develop others. We’ll help your managers create ongoing, constructive relationships with their employees, and show them how to build on those to motivate, engage and drive their teams.

Equality & Diversity

Equality and diversity is no longer just about meeting a legal obligation. The best managers understand the benefit diversity offers an organisation, have the skills to build inclusive teams, and know how to manage discrimination and unconscious bias. We can help you create managers that not only know how to manage diversity, but how to leverage it to build highly successful teams.


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